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With our Mobility Ecosystem Time to Value™, maximize your productivity with end-to-end visibility of your operation while assessing direct and indirect costs relative to its operational value. METTV drives innovation by staying abreast of emerging technology trends, enabling a proactive position on your Digital Transformation and IT Modernization’s impact on Business Growth, Cost Reduction, and Security.

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Mobility Ecosystem Time to Value | METTV™

Technology plays a critical role in top and bottom-line results. The pace at which technology changes has impacts both short and long term that are sometimes invisible. METTV is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) process that considers current state + mobility ecosystem to drive efficient business value. It fits the hardware, software and services needs of your organization.

Data Driven Organization

Participants can collect more data, which allows analytics to create even better offerings and improve the customer experience.


Focus on achieving new and disruptive innovation by working with suppliers who possess the necessary capabilities.

Investment Roadmaps

New technologies are central to customer-oriented products and services. Committing resources has the potential to deliver a payoff later.

Technology & Business Convergence

Supplier-development partnerships that drive operational excellence in the value chain.

Before forging ahead with a digital ecosystem, you need to identify the best approach for establishing a successful collaboration.

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